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Crawling Critters Exterminators is a Pest Control company centrally located in Columbia, SC and serving the entire state of South Carolina. Our services include Pest Control, Animal Control, Termite Control and Moisture Control. We now offer our unique "BedBug Treatment" to eliminate bedbugs. We have been in business for over 9 years and our owner, Skyler Dandridge, is not only certified as an exterminator, but also is an accredited instructor. Many of our competitors have come to him for their training.

Breaking News
Winter 2016 is here and so are the Bedbugs!

Bedbugs are becoming a major problem here in SC. Crawling Critters now has the technology and equipment and training to help rid your home of these unwanted pests. We use our own technology and pesticides to kill and elimiate the bedbugs. Click on our Bedbug home page to learn more about these pests!
Mature Bedbug
Pictured to the left is a bedbug. The body is flat, rusty red color - sometimes purple or even brown (red after feeding). Sizes range from 4mm to 6mm. Antennae are present and appear quite slender and segmented. Short stubby legs compliment the short - almost unseen - stubby wings. Bed bugs have microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance.
We are so sure that we can help you with your bedbug problem, that we are offering a $50 coupon for your bedbug treatment!


Crawling Critters Pest Control

Pest Control is an area of service that we specialize in on a daily basis. If you have a cockroach, spider, bedbug or Fireant problem, (just to name a few) we are your one stop source for extermination and prevention. We use E.P.A. approved insecticides to exterminate and control the crawling critters that try to inhabit your place of comfort.


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Crawling Critters Termite Control

Termite Control is an area of expertise that we thrive on and our reputation is based upon. For years we have been able to provide the "Peace of Mind" that Home and Business owners in South Carolina have been needing regarding Termite Control and Prevention. Not only can we provide the initial service of setting monitors and applying the right treatment, but we can show you where you are more vulnerable to invasion of your structure.


Crawling Critters Moisture Control

Moisture that leads to mold growth, musty odors, and structural damage, not to mention that insects and critters love moist environments and energy costs are higher. Moisture ruins houses by providing a hospitable environment for mold, fungi, and insects that destroy wood framing. Crawl space moisture, and the mold and mildew that thrive in this environment, affect not only the floor system directly above, but also the entire house. Five things destroy organic materials in general. and wood in particular: Water, Heat, Ultra-Violet Radiation, Fungi, and Wood Destroying InsectsOf these, Water, Fungi, and Wood Destroying Insects are by far the most damaging... and the ones we can control.


Take the Survey!So now that you might be interested in how we can help you, why not visit our online survey page to let us know of your needs? Skyler will call you back at the first opportunity.

All of the information that you share with us is kept completely confidential and is viewed only by our staff. The information is not published, sold or in any other way dissementated beyond our office.

As always, you can contact us immediately by calling our 24 hour number 803-546-1485 (C) or via email.

We look foreward to assisting you with your pest control, termite control, animal control or moister control problems. You can check out our pest control blog also and don't forget we have coupons for your use as well. Skyler also has publshed his latest message on his "Crawling Critters Presidents' Update"! Be sure to check it out.